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A Skate of Mind A Skate of Mind

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so good because i can relate to the work involved

This video was sick. I've put shit like this together before so i know how long it take to redraw all the pics. I noticed you used some a few parts from PJ Ladds Skate Vid, and also Jamie tomas' Leap of Faith. Very nice. Did you throw shit in from Sorry to, prob not. Ne how, nice job, very well done, Check my shit out.

simon-himself responds:

'finally a true sk8 movie' was pretty cool... i liked ur style :)

Go Skate 2 Go Skate 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

only good cause you actually designed real tricks

i give you props cause i can tell you know your grinds and, i would assume you skate aswell. But, the thing i didn't like, you said in the resume of your film, "Get ready for the only real skate vid on NG!" and thats gay...check out some of my shit,
fingerboarder versions are good...and i'm designing a far better one right now....

and a few of my other films are decent...

as well as other movies i've seen....

So for sayign that, i'm gonna give you a 0 every day untill your score goes down!

later, dan_gadoury

i-enjoy-ham responds:

your figerboard movies arent skate videos, they're games.. have you ever watched a skate video? just drawing guys skating doesnt make it a skate video

..skate.. (beta) ..skate.. (beta)

Rated 1 / 5 stars

poor excuse for a skate movie

Generaly, a skate movie should include skate tricks that make sense...Also, there was no sound, tyhe movie was really short, and i've seen the same style and same tricks in another skate you ripped it off pretty much....Ne how,.come up with your own shit....and make it longer,..and ad som sort of sound...PEACe

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skateboard until you die skateboard until you die

Rated 0 / 5 stars

a poitnless animation to submit

I honestly thought it was a waste of your time to make this movie...It was dull, boring , and the movie control buttons were useless...Plain and simple, work alot harder on the graphics of your next movie and then post that....Graphics are what make animations,....the story line can be great, but if the graphics suck, the movie sucks!!! The only part i liked was the freestyle...but the last trick he did when he fell over ruined it.....

Rayn0rrr responds:

Eat dick cockhead! I worked hard so go fuck a donkeys butt you asswhipe lets see if you do better!